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Road to the Platform

Here is recap of the past seven months:

August 2021: I had been training with a Coach in Maryland for six months. I hit a point where strength was no longer coming, I was beating my body down five days a week (+ training clients), and had no respect for the fact that I do have an autoimmune disease that is unforgiving. I also had someone who seemed to have NO intention of taking me to the platform. Sept. started to roll around and I had enough, I ended up quitting and rolled on over to another trainer out of Chantilly, VA.

September- December: I was re-introduced to training, in an entirely different way. I was forced to respect the fact that I do have an autoimmune disease that simply is real and isnt going away. Genetically, It was pretty much my destiny and I have to do everything in my power to make it almost non-existent in my life.

I lost strength I had built. I got angry at my inability to get proper form due to a hip issue, I SWORE I was going to quit powerlifting and just train for health (multiple times, you can ask my friends). The holidays were stressful. But I didn't quit. I even worked out for the first time ever on Christmas Eve.

January: All of my active recovery and proper warming up and drills finally started to pay off.. my body started moving better, form and technique were on point and strength started to come QUICK. I started eating for training and managing inflammation with an infrared sauna, lots of hot bathes and epsom salt, and my first competition was suddenly on the horizon.

March - April: My daughter started training with me (Strength training). She had a similar time, rough to start but is finally getting more into it. Shes seeing improvement with her foot issues and liking it. I know her eyes are on me, rolling most times, but still watching. My own want to push myself to see where I can go, and my not wanting to let my kids down, pushed me to get even more serious about training. I have it down to a science at this point, eating, making training a priority no matter how CRAZY my job gets, staying focused, keeping stress down to a minimum, practicing behaviors to keep inflammation down.

April 2nd, I made it to the platform. I had one hour of sleep...maybe an hour and a half (Doubtful), because I was as excited as a kid at Christmas :) Adrenaline is a powerful tool!

I got there at 0630, immediately had to unpack my gear to be inspected (all was good thankfully), waited for a half hour while listening to the rules, weighed in (she said strip down to whatever is comfortable...dropped my pants and said I didn't cut carbs for nothing...barely made the 67.5 weight class by weighing in at 67.2)

Warm-ups started and I didn't look back. I would not have had the confidence I had up there without my Coach by my side pretty much drilling the fear out of me. Nerves came behind the curtain for all the lifters, but I think we all kicked ass that day!

I can't wait for whats next...

xx Kristin

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