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Coach Kristin

A personal trainer & nutrition specialist with a passion to inspire and motivate people to take that step and start feeling better

   My name is Kristin, and I did not begin Powerlifting Peanut as a business, it actually began as my brand in 2018. After a long tedious struggle to health, I was on a mission to inspire a community of those who suffer with chronic diseases and pain-- to show that there was still hope, still a reason to get out of bed and push on. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age thirteen after daily bouts of chronic pain, back tenderness, headaches, and chronic fatigue. Later came the diagnosis of Lupus, an autoimmune disease, in 2013 after feeling flu like symptoms off and on, surgery, and chronic joint pain. This came a year after I had started discovering a more active lifestyle.

    In late 2012 I had a personal trainer at a local gym tell me I was overweight, in a very ignorant way… as if I did not see that in the mirror every day. That is when I started attending the gym, I lost 10lbs and got completely stuck because I had no idea what to do next—at all.  I did not grow up knowing anything about this stuff, and neither did anyone I know. It just wasn't a 'thing' then. While my husband was deployed he sent me a popular fitness DVD and it challenged me more than anything I have ever done. We did it together. I started enjoying fitness, hiking in the Sequoias, playing at the park with my toddler versus being too tired-- but then my body started fighting back. The rheumatologist that I went to in Visalia, CA told me I would never be active again like I once was. I had just discovered what being active meant, at age 24, and he was telling me it was not possible for someone like me. It was a devastating blow to my confidence and my self-esteem. The worst part was I did not know anyone my age that knew what these chronic conditions felt like and how to deal with them. It was an incredibly lonely and confusing place to be at that age. 

    Later, after moving to Maryland, I found that I was not going to get all the answers from my doctors. The medications I was given did not help. Shortly after moving here I experienced pregnancy loss and could not help but wonder why my body was so against me and craved to know more. It was easy to blame my bad genes and write it off as this was just the card I was dealt. Literally, a physical therapist trying to help with my tight neck muscles said "this really isn't going to help, you just have bad genes." Encouraging right?

    Really, it was what I did not know and understand, and seemingly what the Dr.'s failed to look further into, that hurt me. I did not know anything about nutrition and its overall impact on my health. I did not know the in-depth impact regular exercise had on my entire body and how amazing the human body could be. How resilient it could be. That is when I truly began my journey to learning and educating myself into better health and an overall healthier lifestyle. Becoming a volunteer EMT allowed me to further my knowledge on the human body and becoming certified in nutrition and personal training was eye opening. There are always new studies being done and new information coming out in this field, it never ceases to amaze me. It took two years of consistent hard work, setbacks, and trial and error to finally reach what I feel is the peak of a healthy lifestyle for me. I take what I have learned and work to educate others on how they can help themselves live life to their fullest. This doesn’t just include teaching exercise and healthier habits, but also mental health awareness.


    In the past year, I have started working with a Coach of my own from Beyond the Barbell (Chantilly, VA) and entered into the sport of Powerlifting through USAPL. I never in a million years could've predicted that I would do this, and I never thought it possible. I started documenting the journey in hopes it inspires others like me and encourages those that need it. I have bad days, bad weeks, good days, good months, family challenges, etc... I try to share it all. 

    At Kronically Fit we do not diagnose or cure anything, but we educate and offer personalized training plans with remote coaching.  Kronically Fit also proudly supports organizations like the Lupus Foundation of America, the Alzheimer’s Association, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by donating a percentage of profit and completing athletic events that fundraise for these organizations.

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